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Gerry Really Did Know Everybody

March 7, 2010

My blog post about Gerry said he seemed to know everybody, and so many comments I’ve read on the Friends of Gerry Reid site on Facebook and his Caring Bridge site affirm that. It made me think about a joke I heard years ago, which I adapt here to celebrate Gerry’s memory:

Gerry mixing with friends.

Gerry Reid was sipping a Sierra Nevada with friends when one remarked that Gerry knows everybody, and everybody knows him. A new acquaintance was skeptical.

“Nobody can possibly know everybody,” he said.

“I’ll prove it,” said longtime pal Mark Turner. “Name someone.”

The new friend thought and said: “Ray Whitney.”

“OK,” Mark said. “Let’s go see Ray.”

So Gerry, Mark and the skeptic drove to Whitney’s house and knocked on the door. Ray himself answered, and his face lit up when he saw Gerry. They went inside and listened as Gerry and Ray chatted about the Carolina Hurricanes, the merits of doing pushups for upper-body strength and many other things before the Hurricanes left winger said he had to go.

Ray Whitney

“Keep in touch!” he told Gerry.

As the three left, the new friend was impressed, but not convinced. “Gerry’s always at the RBC Center, so that he knows Whitney isn’t all that farfetched,” he said.

“All right,” Mark said. “Name somebody else.”

The guy rubbed his chin as he thought. Then he tossed out a name: “Les Claypool.”

Les Claypool

So the three boarded a plane for California. They caught a cab and before long arrived at the home of Primus’ front man/bassist. When Claypool saw Gerry, they high-fived, cracked open some beer, and spent a couple of hours catching up.

Gerry’s new friend was amazed, but still doubtful. “I bet you don’t know Ron Paul,” he said. A trip to Lake Jackson, Texas proved that Gerry and the former presidential candidate went way back.

The skeptical friend was unfazed. “If you can prove that you know the Pope, then I’ll be convinced that you know everybody and everybody knows you,” he said.

When they arrived at Saint Peter’s Square, where the Pope was to make an appearance, Gerry said, “I’ll go stand by the Pope at St. Peter’s Basilica so you can see that we’re friends.” And he went on his way.

Thousands crowded around, and in a little while, the Pope came out to address the people. There was Gerry by his side, waving to the crowd.

The skeptical friend fainted.

When he came to, Mark asked him what happened. The man replied: “I could grasp the fact that Gerry knew the Pope. But it completely blew my mind when that little old Italian woman next to us said, ‘Who’s that man in a robe standing with Gerry?’”

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  1. March 7, 2010 8:57 pm

    Oh my, that’s funny! This brought a smile to my face, Bev!

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