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Come See

August 21, 2009

I won’t be anywhere near Charlotte, N.C. this weekend. My good friend Lisa and I are headed to West Jefferson for a girls weekend at my sister’s.

But if I were within reasonable driving distance,  Elevation Church’s new Matthews campus is where I’d be. Here’s why: I learn something immediately applicable every time I visit.

A seat awaits you

A seat awaits you

Now, I know the Bible about as well as any Southern Methodist who grew up in  Sunday school and fought to stay awake on a hard wooden pew once a week. During my teens, my parents dragged me there. I rewarded their efforts by doodling on the bulletin.

But a series of unfortunate events caused me to re-consider the faith of my parents. I’ve been known to drive over two hours to attend an Elevation service. I pay attention and leave with wisdom that is changing me from the inside out, for the better.

More on that later. But here’s one change worth noting: once adamantly opposed to proselytizing, I now want others to find what I have.

So…GO. Just go and see.

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