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Walter Cronkite: a North Carolina Connection

July 21, 2009

On my book shelf gathering dust for years was a title called A Reporter’s Life By Walter Cronkite. Don’t know how long I’ve had it. The legendary CBS newsman died last Friday night at 92. But it wasn’t his passing that prompted me to take it down and add it to my bedside stack.

Yes, he had a storied career in TV journalism. One blog commenter described his voice as the “gold standard of broadcasting.” Yes, the 40th anniversary of the first moonwalk was yesterday, and he brought many of us the original story.

No disputing any of that.

What piqued my interest in Cronkite is more personal. My best friend from high school posted a photo of herself with him on Facebook today. Turns out Cronkite helped her with a documentary on North Carolina’s Cape Hatteras Lighthouse.

Walter with Bev & Alyson of Charlotte-based Nakatv

Walter with Bev & Alyson of Charlotte-based Nakatv

Cronkite’s rumbling, resonant voice is a distinct part of the award-winning 1-hour film, Moving America’s Lighthouse, which chronicles efforts to save the lighthouse from the sea.

My friend reminisced on Facebook about how much she enjoyed working with him, how she introduced him to Mallard Creek barbecue and her dad’s fabulous pecan pie.

An American icon who was kind to my friend and dug her daddy’s pecan pie and the Outer Banks.  That’s somebody worth getting to know!

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